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  The Italian filmstar Sophia Lauren and director Jan Negulesco in front of the Acropolis.


Greece is a favourite holiday resort for VIP's and celebrities from all over the world.Every summer, famous artists, scientists, top models and tycoons come to Greece to enjoy the sunshine, swim in the crystal clear sea, walk in the picturesque alleys, and have fun with their friends.

So, don't be surprised if you see Linda -or one of her catwalk friends- dancing next to you, or witness Prince Charles' disembarkation from a Mega Yacht.

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More celebrities
0) Anthoniy Queen dancing Greek 'zembekiko'.[Look]
1) Mickey Rourke and his wife Carre Otis just arriving at the port of Lefkada.[Look]
2) The loving couple (Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis) at a taverna in Lefkada.[Look]
3) Fashion designer Gianfranco Ferre in Myconos.[Look]
4) DJ David Morales combining work with pleasure in Mykonos.[Look]
5) MTV star Ray Cox obviously happy at the beach.[Look]
6) Boy George playing music for his Greek fans.[Look]
7) Rolling Stone Keith Richards and family rolling through the alleys of Mykonos.[Look]
8) The Italian filmstar Sophia Lauren and director Jan Negulesco in front of the Acropolis.[Look]
9) Super model Amber Smith having fun in a Greek club.[Look]
10) Top model Kate Moss tasting Greek delicacies.[Look]
11) Women's phantasy Paul Newman and wife collecting memories outside the Acropolis.[Look]
12) American star Robert Mitchum getting to know the meaning of Greek hospitality.[Look]
13) French idol Alain Delon when he was still unknown with girlfriend Romy Schneider inside the King George Hotel in Athens.[Look]
14) Rory Kennedy and fiance Mark chose Greece for their wedding ceremony. Here visiting Greek antiquities the day before the wedding.[Look]
15) Prince Albert of Monaco in Antiparos.[Look]
16) Claudia Schieffer in Mykonos for the Guess campaign.[Look]
17) Linda Evangelista and Christie Turlington enjoying themselves during a Greek night at the bouzoukia.[Look]
18) Stallone's ex-wife Briggitte Nielsen in Mykonos.[Look]
19) Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis and wife Tina with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his wife Sarah in Rhodes.[Look]
20) Michael Barishnicov with singer Demis Roussos in Athens.[Look]
21) Linda Evangelista off-duty in Mykonos.[Look]
22) Fashion designers Thierry Mugler and Jean-Paul Gaultier with Greek friends.[Look]
23) Prince Albert dancing Greek 'zembekiko'.[Look]
24) Anthony Queen with company after a bottle of retsina wine.[Look]
25) Liz Taylor (whose eyes and jewelry impressed evrybody) and third husband Mike Todd visiting the Acropolis.[Look]
26) Nastasia Kinsky seemed to like the Greek custom of breaking plates at the bouzoukia.[Look]
27) The Royal Family of Monaco (Renier,Grace,Caroline and Albert) in Athens.[Look]
28) American filmstar Kirk Douglas and his wife Ann outside the Acropolis in 1964. Kirk actually impressed the Greeks with his knowledge on Greek History.[Look]

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