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CategoryBoat TypeL.O.A.CabinsBuild YearPriceRequest more
Sail YachtAPOLLO 12 PLUS12.1031992$55500
Sail YachtAPOLLO 12 PLUS12.1031989$43000
Sail YachtATHENA 44 (4 CABINS)13.4041995$93500
Sail YachtATHENA 44 (5 CABINS)13.4041995$99500
Sail YachtATLANTIC 4914.7551991$91000
Sail YachtATLANTIC 4914.7551991$94000
Sail YachtATLANTIC 5516.5051992$168000
Sail YachtBAVARIA 3233.7021988$28000
Sail YachtBAVARIA 3811.9531997$84000
Sail YachtBAVARIA 3811.9531997$84000
Sail YachtBAVARIA 3811.9531997$84000
Sail YachtBAVARIA 4614.6541997$133000
Sail YachtBAVARIA 5015.4351999$215000
Sail YachtDISCOVERY PLUS9.9621995$39000
Sail YachtFIRST 42s7 (4 CABINS)12.9541990$117500
Sail YachtOCEANIS 35110.6231995$64500
Sail YachtOCEANIS 411 (4 CABINS)12.7141998$123200
Sail YachtOCEANIS 44013.6641994$116000
Sail YachtOCEANIS 46114.0041998$147000
Sail YachtOCEANIS 47314.3041989$130000
Sail YachtSUN ODYSSEY 33.110.3031991$58700
Sail YachtSUN ODYSSEY 36.211.0031996$79500
Sail YachtSUN ODYSSEY 37.111.4031995$82000
Sail YachtSUN ODYSSEY 45.114.1541995$132000
Sail YachtSUN ODYSSEY 5115.3551990$168000
Sail YachtSUN ODYSSEY 5115.3551990$162000
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