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There are plenty of choices for sailing in Greece. Depending on the kind of boat you have chartered and the number of days you would like to spend on a sailing tour, we suggest the following itineraries:

RoutesBoat TypeDaysFromTo
Route 1Motor Sailer4AthensAthens
Route 2Motor Yacht4AthensAthens
Route 3Motor Sailer7AthensAthens
Route 4Motor Yacht7AthensAthens
Route 5Sail Yacht7AthensAthens
Route 6Sail Yacht7AthensAthens
Route 7Sail Yacht14AthensAthens
Route 8Sail Yacht14AthensAthens
Route 9Sail Yacht14AthensRhodes
Route 10Sail Yacht14AthensRhodes
Route 11Sail Yacht7RhodesRhodes
Route 12Sail Yacht14RhodesRhodes
Route 13Sail Yacht14SkiathosSkiathos
Route 14Sail Yacht7CorfuCorfu
Route 15Sail Yacht14CorfuCorfu
Route 16Sail Yacht7SkiathosSkiathos
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